It’s been a little bit but Speakin’ Geek is back and there are a lot of changes coming. Episodes will be coming out sooner, there will be a design change and we’ll be covering conventions. One convention coming up soon is MCM Ireland which is always an enjoyable experience.

This week however is anything but enjoyable, unless you enjoy laughing at Steve’s pain. This week on Speakin’ Geek is all about the lack of originality in Hollywood and how this years Memorial Weekend was the lowest it has ever been. This has irked Steve to say the least and as you listen you’ll hear how Graham and Steve air their grievances. Graham counts his lucky stars that his film reviews over at allow him to see films he’d otherwise not know about and Steve wishes he had that opportunity.

Ultimately Steve and Graham chat about the films that went quietly into the dark because they didn’t have the backing behind them to bolster the incredible quality of the projects they were a part of. If there’s anything to be learned from this Memorial Weekend and the amount of unoriginal properties coming out it is that Hollywood needs to take a step back and reorganise its priorities but it probably won’t so all Steve and Graham can do is hope for a brighter tomorrow. And that’s what the next podcast will hopefully have, a hopeful tone and attitude after we’ve had a moment to grieve. Welcome back to Speakin’ Geek.

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Graham is the founder of GamEir and his knowledge is ever growing whenever it concerns gaming, films, and cartoons. Just don't ask him about politics.

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