This past weekend I was at Dublin Comic Con and I had a blast. You can check out more on that here, in this article, however, I will be discussing a hidden gem I discovered at Dublin Comic Con this year. This gem is known as Dakota Irish who are a part of Nerds & Geeks. This is a site that is centred around tabletop gaming accessories.

What took my particular fancy were the gorgeous dice trays and towers and the intricate development that goes into the many, many dice trays and towers.

I was lucky enough to sit down with Luke and talk about the process that goes into making the products of Dakota Irish. From the various dice trays to the customisation of your own mini’s (that’s right you heard that right) there was a lot to talk about with Luke. One element of the shop that particularly impressed me was the cost and shipping charges.

Everything is far more cost effective as it’s available in Ireland and can be easily delivered to your home at a much lower price than the big names in the industry. Luke was also an incredibly courteous gentleman. He was nice enough to give me a much-needed D12 and because of that, he will be in my heart forever.

Guys check out the interview below and be sure to check out Nerds & Geeks where Dakota Irish resides. You won’t be disappointed with what you find.

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