To say the hype for Devil May Cry V has been palpable would be an understatement. From the first footage seen at E3 earlier this year fans have been chomping at the bit for DMC V information. There have been countless breakdown videos, theory discussion, and so much more.

Then today I learned something, something that I could not believe was real. There is a unique collector’s edition available for diehard fans of Devil May Cry V.  This collector’s edition which I can only describe as the Devil May Cry Fans Wallet Must Die Edition contains the following items:

  • A copy of Devil May Cry V
  • A Dante style replica coat which costs $8,000/ just over £6,000/ close to €7,000

That’s right ladies and gentlemen choose your currency and gawk in horror at the cost of this unbelievable collector’s edition. It’s ironic now that Dante’s signature catchphrase is jackpot because you would likely need a jackpot to afford this. If you can afford this particular collector’s edition and you’re a big fan of Dante’s maybe this is for you. I’m not sure if I would but this coat does look like a devilish delight.

Now if this is just too rich for your blood might I recommend something a little more reasonable? When I say more reasonable I should point out this is only marginally cheaper. There is a Nero version of this collector’s edition with as you guessed a slight change in the items. Check the items below:

  • A copy of Devil May Cry V (Obviously)
  • Nero style replica coat. This item costs approximately $7,000/ £5,000/ close to €6,000

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There is a third option. It’s another cheaper edition featuring the new character V but if I’m honest he’s not the draw to Devil May Cry V nor is his ramshackle coat.

So there you have it. This is the epitome of over the top special editions available for gamers which is suitable for the Devil May Cry franchise as it has always been about the over the top elements. Is there anyone out there who would buy any of these collector editions and if so which one? Let us know in the comments below.

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