So So, Power Rangers

Rangers, we meet again. After an update to Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid which adds 3 new characters, 2 new selectable and 2 unselectable story mode stages and a FULL story mode with partially voiced cutscenes. So after giving this game a good few more hours of my life, are the Powers Rangers back in action or did Rita get her way and cast a spell on the developers?

Super middle of the line story Ranger Force

The story was written and voice directed by writer/director Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid, Nightwing, Batman: Gates of Gotham). The new mode features original artwork by Eisner Award-winning illustrator Dan Mora (Go Go Power Rangers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Klaus). Players get to go through a re-imagining of the Shattered Grid event of the Power Rangers comic book series. Lord Drakkon, the evil version of Tommy Oliver, plans to travel across time and space to absorb all Power Rangers and destroy all those who oppose him. Now it is up to the Rangers to band together and fight back before all of existence falls to his armies.

Odd switcheroo Rangers

During the course of the story, I discovered multiple things. What I love is the artwork. That is now by far the standout feature of the game. Hmmm… why did the developers go for the poor attempt at “realistic” Rangers and did not go all in with this unique style. Dragonball FighterZ proved that well executed and unique comic styles are a way to sell a fighting game. The voice overs, when they are there, do a fine, but not a great job at delivering some form of drama to the mode. What annoyed me a lot was being switched between “good” and “bad” side without any prompt that it will happen. First I control the good guys and win, suddenly I am fighting as the bad guys against the same good guys. The devs would have done well to implement some form of prompt that that will happen.

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Three new characters

The update increases the limited roster by adding Dragon Armour Trini (looks basically like Rhino in the PS4 Spider-Man game), Udonna (Sub-Zero as a female Power Ranger) and Cen… Cenoz.. Cenozoic Blue Ranger (Blue weird looking Ranger with lightning power). All 3 characters do have their charm and interesting moves. What the patch did highlight more is that Kimberly is the worst of the bunch. Her reach is the shortest, she seems the weakest and for some reason, all her attacks seem to have a weird lag. The problem is that you control her more than once during story mode, which will negatively impact on your progression because she will cause you to lose. Over and over and over again. All other Rangers feel more responsive in their actions.

Online PVP

Since writing the review of this I was able to put in some time into the online PVP, here called Ranked” mode. Here, just like with the rest of the game, I come away down the middle of the lane. I had many disconnects that were always marked against me. This is the only game I own that has this issue. When the connection actually stays active the mode works as expected. Be aware that during the first matches you will be playing against random level players before being ranked. This means the chance of getting your Ranger medal handed to you is very high.

So meh it hurts Ranger Mega Force

Overall the game is a very middle of the road, swimming in 7s, 3-star game. If you like fighting games and the Power Rangers, then give Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid a go. Otherwise play something else, because you aren’t missing much.

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