The summer season has officially come to a close, and with that, the two big updates for Animal Crossing New Horizons have been released. I know, I know, where has the time gone?! So, let’s have a little talk about the updates and see how they feel.

The first of the big updates came in early July, and as well as bringing us new critters to hunt, brought with us the ability to swim. The newest update has implemented dreaming. I’ve admittedly been addicted to Animal Crossing since I got my hands on a Switch. It has been a major form of escapism for me, and I love it as a whole. I will admit from the get-go though, I much prefer the content from the first summer update.

The swimming update also brought with it Pascal, the scallop loving red sea otter. Trade scallops with Pascal for some cool new mermaid-themed DIY recipes! Plus Pascal is adorable. No one will ever beat Leif though, and honestly, I need Leif to live on my island forever. Leif or another sloth. Come on Animal Crossing give me sloths… Speaking of Leif, he’s on my island today. I am content.

A really cool feature that has been introduced is firework shows on Sundays! This is a really pretty addition to the game and feels really wholesome. The dream feature though… I’m not too sure what it is, but this was really underwhelming in my opinion. The visuals when you first enter are so pretty, but it was not what I was expecting. I was hoping for some cute little animations or something like when K.K. visits. Nope, all user stuff. Which is cool in that sense, but still!

I don’t know what you guys think, but I was hoping for more. Let us know over on Twitter how you feel about the updates! Also tell me who your favourite islander is. Mine is a toss up between Sherb and Gaston. They are my babies and I love them.

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