For anyone looking for tickets to the highly anticipated Games Expo Ireland look no further as GamEir has joined forces with the team behind GXI to give away two pairs of tickets to the event that is being held at the Convention Centre on the weekend of November 25th – 26th. We have one pair of tickets to Saturday and one pair of tickets for Sunday.

If you’d like to be in with a chance to win these tickets leave a comment below about who your favourite videogame character is and why.

  • Be sure to include which day you would like to attend in your answer.
  • This competition is open only to residents of Ireland.
  • Travel and accommodations are not included, prize winners are expected to make their own way to the event.
  • The winners will receive one pair of two tickets to attend the event.
  • Competition ends at 13:00 pm GMT on Tuesday 21st of November 2017.
  • The winner(s) will be notified by 18:01 pm GMT on Tuesday 21st of November 2017.

If you want to learn more about GXI and why wouldn’t you it’s set to be something outstanding check out all the links below.

Games Expo Ireland Facebook
Games Expo Ireland Twitter
Games Expo Ireland Official Website

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8 Responses

  1. Brian Geraghty

    Knight Artorias the Abyss Walker from Dark Souls.
    Through item descriptions and npc dialogue the player learns the legend of Knight Artorias, the strongest of Lord Gwyns knights, who, in ancient times, traversed the Abyss and saved the land of Oolacile. However during a wonderfully played out character arc, the player gets to travel back to ancient Oolacile, meet Artorias and witness the legend unfold. A master class in character writing, and a level of depth achieved that most AAA titles couldn’t hope to match. Plus I have an awesome Artorias T-shirt.

  2. Michael Clarke

    Crash bandicoot because it’s an absolute classic and it’s just endless fun start to finish I’d like to go the on 25th guys 🙂

  3. Shane

    Geralt from the witcher he’s a pure bad ass with cool powers if I won I would like to go on the Sunday, thanks

  4. Fireball Five


    I would love to win tickets to either day but mostly Sunday. Mario is my favourite favourite videogame character because it has a long line of history and it is just pure fun to play.

    Fireball Five (age 9)

  5. Alex

    Link and his many incarnations, the goddess’s chosen hero is my favorite video game character. Embarking on so many adventures with him has invoked a sense of familiarity despite his silent demeanor.


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