The Reparing Mantis

Let’s Talk About The Repairing Mantis

Let's get the spooky season off to a running start! It's horror season, and we're diving headfirst into some more indie spooks! On the chopping block today? The Repairing Mantis. Before we dive in, I'd like to ...
GamEir list of Games

The GamEir Games of 2020

It's that time of year within the GamEir tower (yes it's a tower get used to it) where we choose our favourite games of the year. We get the writers together and sit down throw our thoughts at each other and by...

Let’s talk about Dreams

Developed by Media Molecule, and published by Sony, Dreams is the latest instalment in the evolutionary chain of Create, Play, Share, the philosophy that began with Little Big Planet back in 2008. Dreams is...
Game of 2019

The Game of 2019 for the GamEir team

2019 isn't long for this world. In just over a week we welcome 2020 as well as a new decade. We here at GamEir (and let's be honest every media site around the world) have our favourite games of 2019. I've asse...
GamEir Contributors Wanted

GamEir: Would you like to play a game?

Hi everyone Graham Day founder of GamEir here once more. I’m writing this because I’m interested in bringing on further contributors to GamEir who are interested in reviewing games, reporting on news in the ind...