It has been announced that Tekken, one of the most successful fighting game franchise ever created has gone mobile. Tekken has been launched in Canada on iOS* and Android devices.

Pre-registration is also open on the official website with further registrations available in the coming months. At launch, further in-game content and rewards will become available. Tekken mobile will allow each player to collect more than 20 characters. Each character will have a unique fighting style, upgrades, and special moves. Create your own personal style to defeat your opponent.

The game will also include the following challenging game modes:

STORY MODE – Create a team of 3 fighters helping Kazuya, Mishima and Nina against an exclusive (mobile-only) enemy – The Revenant. Tekken will lead the player in battles through a map-based campaign featuring unique encounters and powerful bosses. This mode offers the chance to build your own team, take on unique missions and explore dynamic battle maps to collect rewards and glory.
DOJO CHALLENGE – This Online VERSUS battle will allow players to compete against friends and foes. Record your in-game fighting styles uploading to the AI of the opponent’s dojo. Will you remain victorious proving your style is the best?
LIVE EVENTS – Every day is different. Players will experience live events with daily, weekly and monthly content.

Tekken mobile will also include:

Special themed events – with unique experiences and encounters.
Special Events – with rare characters and contents.

Tekken will include an intuitive, deep combat system featuring fighting techniques from all around the world delivering an incredible on the go experience. If you’ve found this article interesting, and why wouldn’t you, be sure and head over to the pre-registration link.

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