The time has come, friends! Super Rare Games has partnered up with Acid Wizard Studio and Crunching Koalas to release Darkwood in physical form for the Nintendo Switch!

There’s a twist, however. Only 5000 copies will be available worldwide, exclusively at Super Rare Games. This will include ALL the content on its cart. Buyers will receive; a full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker set, and three trading cards selected at random from a five-card set.

By now, you’re probably thinking “But Jade, what is Darkwood?”

Darkwood is a survival horror game that does NOT rely on jumpscares. Presented in a top-down view, the terrifyingly haunting experience gives a unique twist on scares. Explore and scavenge through a free-roam, ever-changing world. Gain skills by extracting from mutated flora and fauna, meet eerie characters, uncover stories and decide their fate.

There are two twists here. The first is that there are no quest markers. Essentially, you are on your own. Our other twist comes from choices. Every choice you make is permanent and will have an impact on something. Your choices can affect your own story, or the inhabitants of Darkwood itself, with a different story unfolding with every play.

This physical edition of Darkwood drops on October 8th at 6 pm Irish Time (1pmET/10amPT)

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Jade is a 25 year old horror queen (her words), artist and gamer. She's also a bit too obsessed with dinosaurs. When she's not writing or in game, Jade can normally be found buried in some kind of art.

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