No Place for Bravery, a hardcore action-RPG exploring the lengths a parent would go to find their child in a war-torn world, has received a limited-time free demo on Steam for PC until the 20th of September. Developer Glitch Factory and publisher Ysbryd Games (VA-11 HALL-A, WORLD OF HORROR, Masquerada: Songs and Shadows) will release the demo as part of PAX Online ahead of the game’s full release on Steam for PC and Nintendo Switch in 2021.

In the devastated high fantasy world of No Place for Bravery, Thorn, a former soldier, lays down his sword as a lifetime of blood spilt weighs heavy on his shoulders. When news reaches Thorn of his daughter Leaf’s survival, long-lost and presumed dead, a chance for redemption rises. Across a world ravaged by brutality and violence, Thorn sets out with his foster son to find Leaf and unearth the truth about her disappearance.

Travel the ancient world of Dewr, where godlike titans have devastated much of humanity. Vibrant pixel art brings to life a cryptic, sombre art direction where mysterious monuments and colossal skeletons tower over people struggling to survive. Like the bandits, cultists, and tribes standing in his way, Thorn is simply mortal, but new skills and attacks acquired and remembered throughout the journey will give him a fighting chance.

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Inspired by the atmospheric mystique of brutally difficult action-RPGs, No Place for Bravery’s open-world awaits. In the playable demo, triumph over intense combat scenarios where every swing carries weight and consequence.

Adapt to foes with different attack styles and weapons while getting a sneak peek at white-knuckle boss fights to come. Timing is key; death comes with but a few sword strokes stand between life and death, and using Thorn’s limited resources at the right moment could mean the difference between life and death.

“Reaching the violent ends of Thorn’s journey will be punishing but fair,” said Brian Kwek, founder of Ysbryd Games. “A struggle awaits at every step of his redemption story, but determined players will find an engrossing narrative, richly detailed characters, and powerful reflections that may strike your very heart.”

No Place for Bravery’s playable demo will be available from now until September 20th on Steam for PC in advance of its full release on Steam for PC and Nintendo Switch in 2021. Prepare for a harsh adventure by visiting the website, joining the Discord server, and following Glitch Factory on Twitter. Spend some time with Ysbryd Games on Twitter, Discord, and Twitch.

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