A new game has just been announced and in my humble opinion, it looks like something special. I could be biased though, as the art style is incredibly charming. Twilight Monk is a fantasy, kung fu adventure with meticulously crafted Metroidvania-designed dungeons, connected by an open world.

In Twilight Monk, you will hunt down and destroy powerful Darksprites as Raziel Tenza – the last descendant of Demon Hunters.

The Legacy of Twilight Monk

Twilight Monk is a series of kung fu, fantasy, adventure novels, and art books beginning with “Secrets of Kung Fulio”.
The epic storyline, overwhelming worldview, and unique characters are the main attractions of the series.

The game is a 2D action-adventure game featuring hand-drawn stylized art, meticulously designed Metroidvania dungeons, and an open world. Players take on the role of Raziel Tenza, the last descendant of the “Ancient Monks of Twilight” a race of demon hunters as they seek to hold off armies of “Darksprites”, supernatural demons that plague the land of Speria.

  • Choose your destiny Destroy or recruit Darksprite foes.
  • Discover maps to find hidden dungeons across the land.
  • Meet an unconventional cast of characters, each with their own story.

Twilight Monk looks like an absolute blast. I’m looking forward to more information about it.

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