The critically acclaimed Kung-Fu roguelike and beat-’em-up Sifu is receiving a major update on August 31st.

Something for everyone

Catering for all types of players, the update will give players another chance to push their abilities and skills to the limit or to beat their enemies stress free. These modifiers swing in both directions to.  Sifu’s challenge can be increased by letting enemies ignore a player’s guard and preventing them from picking up weapons.  It also can give them infinite health and structure, and unbreakable weapons.

Players who want a true challenge can make their own “hardcore” runs accordingly.  This makes enemies even stronger, reducing their character to a single hit point and removing aging and guarding.

They have also added a new scoring system in Sifu for those who like to fight and then brag about their fighting prowess afterwards. This will reward you for every punch, kick and finisher and also gives you a bonus for winning in style with a flawless bout.

Suits you sir!

Speaking of style (see what I did there?), the update also includes two new outfits. The Enforcer armor will be made available to owners of the game’s deluxe edition.  This is a set that covers Sifu’s protagonist in a suit of tactical equipment.

All players will be able to access the second outfit, Master Hand. Decked out in a trench coat and a hat, players need to avoid every incoming attack to keep their look intact.

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