Riot Games has revealed an arsenal of exciting abilities for its latest League of Legends champion, Aphelios. The new marksman’s complex kit includes five weapons, each with its own basic attack, ranging from a rifle named Calibrum to the boomerang-like Crescendum.

Aphelios brings his retinue of ranged abilities to League of Legends

Bringing a new challenge to League players, Aphelios cannot pick and choose which two weapons he equips at any given time. His weapons have 50 ammo each and when one runs empty the next one in line cycles through automatically. Empty weapons then go to the end of the line to recharge. This unique kit and gameplay style even required the creation of an entirely new HUD for Aphelios.

Aphelios looks like he’s going to bring a challenge for players and I’d say a lot of players are excited for his arrival. Looking at his design alone I’m thoroughly impressed with the innovation of his look and style.

Ready yourself, Aphelios arrives during patch 9.24. For a more detailed overview of his weapons and abilities, you can read his kit primer here. For more insight into his back story and lore, click here.

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