Forgotten Fables – Wolves on the Westwind is coming to Steam on May 25th. Wolves on the Westwind is a choice-driven adventure. It is inspired by one of the most popular tabletop franchises in history, The Dark Eye. With over 15 hours of content, it’s perfect for fans of fantasy novels, tabletop games, and RPGs.

Set in the dark fantasy world of Aventuria, Forgotten Fables – Wolves on the Westwind tasks players with making the right choices. You have to try and save the lives of innocents across the lands. Play as the grizzled veteran warrior Alrik or the young wizard Nedime.

These two unwitting heroes are tasked with traversing the frigid countryside of Thorwal in search of an old threat that seeks to cause destruction and chaos. Travel across the realm on board the Keenwolf, a Thorwalian raiders’ ship. Players can forge alliances or make enemies of the unusual crew, and gather unique companions along the way.

Forgotten Fables – Wolves on the Westwind Features

  • Players can choose their own adventure tale featuring 2 main characters to pick from and over 30 characters and scenes
  • Set in Aventuria, the award-winning world of The Dark Eye RPG with 40 years of development history
  • There is a lot of replayability. From branching storylines with several alternate endings and side quests depending on the player’s decisions
  • 15 hours of content divided into several different narrative chapters
  • An RPG-light layer with spells and manoeuvres, mana and stamina
  • The game also boasts a beautiful soundtrack and artwork evoking an epic medieval fantasy world

With a decent amount of content, nothing too intense and an enjoyable adventure that you get to properly be a part of this could be a great game. There is a pedigree that comes with The Dark Eye and Forgotten Fables – Wolves on the Westwind has a lot to live up to.

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