Is anyone else singing Spooky Scary Skeletons in their heads right now? Because I am, every day as we get closer to Halloween. So let’s talk about a horror game that is just about to come out. At the end of this week, on Friday to be specific, we are being treated to Clea on Nintendo Switch.

First of all, what is Clea? Clea is a jump scare free, skill-based survival horror adventure. It got its initial release back in July of 2019. After experimenting on the Chaos Servants, Clea’s parents have let the monsters loose in the Whitlock Mansion. Trapped inside by her family, Clea must find her way out and escape with her little brother in tow. Solve puzzles, hide, collect and use objects to safely get through the sinister mansion and escape.

I love it when games get a Switch port. I have this thing about the Switch. By now, you all know I am a lover of comfort, so I will wrap up in blankets and game. Clea has me very very hyped for spooky season, and I am very excited to snuggle up in blankets and play this! While also using whatever little brain I have left.

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Jade is a 25 year old horror queen (her words), artist and gamer. She's also a bit too obsessed with dinosaurs. When she's not writing or in game, Jade can normally be found buried in some kind of art.

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