With Halloween just over a month away horror games are starting to come up from the grave. One such title is CULTIC. This title is a horror-themed shooter with classic visuals and modern combat developed by Jasozz Games and published by 3D Realms. It is raising heart rates with its terrifying first chapter coming to PC out on October 13th.

What is CULTIC?

Investigate an unsolved mystery with ties to a treacherous cult as a disgraced detective who awakens in an unmarked mass grave. Fight with powerful mid-century weapons like the C96 or STEN MK. V while unleashing deadly traps, epic explosives and other impressive tools of the trade. Avoid the zealots’ reach by dashing into foes, sliding toward safety, and using the environment during pulse-pounding shootouts.

Throw down against fanatics in mid-century Northwest America in CULTIC’s first chapter, featuring 10 environments including dank facilities, abandoned mining towns, dark catacombs, and more.

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