Dare to enter the Void that is Dead by Daylight where your favourite horror characters coexist, ruled by a dark force in never-ending Trials?

The Fog thickens this year as Haunted by Daylight, the unmissable in-game event is back, bigger than it’s ever been.

Players should get amped up on their jump scares thanks to Void Zones, new, terrifying gates to a mysterious Realm where the Entity’s victims – or Haunts – are dismissed and await to be released. The stakes will be even higher as players will find themselves face to face with these Haunts for the first time…

Below you’ll find all the gory details for the upcoming month of horror coming to Dead by Daylight:

  • October 11th
    Tome 17: COMMITMENT is released. A new Rift opens.
  • October 13th
    Halloween Stream is live at 2:00 pm EDT featuring a roundup of DbD developers and Fog Whisperers
  • October 18th
    Haunted by Daylight Event is on. And Scarier than it’s ever been with high stakes and higher rewards.
  • October 24th
    The beloved Outfit Collection Hallowed Blight is back.

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