Fans of FromSoftwares Souls games come in various guises. There are those who jumped in at Bloodborne, or Sekiro and find Dark Souls combat too slow and methodical. Those people are idiots. Some found the series at Dark Souls 2, drawn in by the heavy marketing campaign for that game, and the promise of a more compromising sequel to the first. Those people are also idiots. Then there’s a group that first fell in love with Dark Souls; with the impeccably designed world of Lordran, and the punishing but rewarding difficulty. Unfortunately for them, they are also idiots.

Finally, there exists a very small group of beings, hitherto unspoken about. A group lost from history. They occupy the shadows. Lurking, and waiting. Watching, and judging. The Illuminati of Souls fans. Using their Mensa level intellect, these fans perceived a darkness coming from the East in 2009. A whisper, nay, a shadow, or an almost imperceptible fog, that roiled across the Pacific to the Continental US in late 2009. Casting fear to the side, they ordered this rumour to their homes, and their lives were forever changed. Transported to the forsaken land of Boletaria, they encountered a game that outwardly seemed familiar, yet was unlike anything they had ever played. A game that would create its own sub-genre, and change the way mainstream games were made forever. That game, was, of course, Demon’s Souls. And now it’s back.

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With Demon’s Souls, I have always been here in this Nexus

Announced at last nights PlayStation event, Demon’s Souls came as a delightful surprise. There had been rumours of course, but none could have predicted just how epic the first reveal would be. The remade environments, so familiar to fans, are gloriously dripping in atmosphere. The enemy types and bosses which make an appearance are jaw-dropping and conjure a very specific reminiscence. I haven’t actually played Demons Souls since that initial year with the game, so this remake looks to me how the game felt back then. If that makes sense.

Originally developed by FromSoftware, Bluepoint Games are the studio behind this remake. Although Bluepoint have developed their own games, they are essentially “remake” specialists. Demon’s Souls will now be added to their remake back catalogue of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and Uncharted, to name but a few. FromSoftwares masterpiece is in good hands, it would seem. At the time of writing there has been no indication of release date, but don’t be surprised if Demon’s Souls is available at launch. You can check out the PS5 Demon’s Souls trailer below. Trust me, it’s worth a watch.

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