It’s been a full year since we’ve seen the world premiere of Deathloop at E3. Last night at Sony’s press conference they released a new trailer. In the trailer, we finally got a look at what Deathloop looks like in action. A first-person shooter with a stylish 70’s look. It did remind me a lot of Austin Powers. The premise of the game seems to be you play as an assassin stuck in a time loop while having to kill eight targets to escape. The twist added to this loop is that there’s an assassin working to kill you.

Arkane Studios’ was responsible for Dishonored and The Prey reboot, Deathloop looks like a reskin of those 2 games with some added functionality to the engine. Dishonored and Prey were both fantastic story-driven action games that built an immersive world around the player. Let’s hope that Deathloop falls into the same category. It’ll most likely take the use your own approach to completing this objective, be it stealth or guns blazing, lethal or non-lethal. 

The Playstation blog here has a lot more info on Deathloop. You, the player wakes up every morning and you have till midnight to assassinate your eight targets. Fail to do so and the time loop resets. The whole island that the game is set in is free for you to explore entirely as you see fit. Deathloop sounds like a good giant sandbox to play in. 

Another interesting feature of Deathloop is that it contains a multiplayer feature that Dishonored and Prey never had. Entirely optional for you to activate, you can allow other players to invade your world, the same way Dark Souls works.

Those players will then try and assassinate you and reset your time loop. You then have the option to do the same to other players. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how they develop and implement this system when the game releases. No release date announced yet but we do see that this is a console exclusive but will be available on PC. Sorry Xbox fanboys and girls.

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