Another horror treat arrived during the Playstation 5 event last night, in the form of a whole new game! Returnal is coming to us from Housemarque, the people behind Resogun.

Returnal follows a stranded space pilot on an alien planet, who keeps dying and resurrecting. However, with each resurrection, the world around her changes. This is definitely more heavy on sci-fi elements, but the horror vibes are strong from the trailer.

Let’s break down the trailer really quick. And yes, we’re doing it with the horror queen spin. The vibes I’m getting, for the most part, is like a cross between Alien and the likes of Happy Death Day. I know that’s not the only time skip/die and resurrect thing out there BUT it is a recent example. See, not all my horror references are old! Setting wise, the worlds are very reminiscent of Mass Effect, or even No Man’s Sky. This has me definitely curious. I’m a huge fan of the original Mass Effect trilogy. and I have chilled with No Man’s Sky a few times. I love a nice space setting, with well-developed areas. Straight up sci-fi isn’t for me, but I do love it when there’s something extra involved.

With Returnal, it looks like we’re getting a third-person shooter, with cool alien-like creatures to go up against. The fighting style, based on the trailer reminds me of DOOM(2016), which I think could work really well.

Returnal is one of those games we don’t know much about so far, but it definitely looks promising. Housemarque has a lot of experience with sci-fi games, so they are sticking to what they know. I would love to see how the horror ties into all this.

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