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A pixelated adventure that is filled with charm, wit and wonder.
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It’s that wonderful time once again. We were lucky enough to receive a review code for The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero. This is another entry in the celebrated The Legend of Heroes franchise. It isn’t so much a new entry though. This is a fully remastered version of an entry that never made it to the West.

After several years and several entries further in the story that have made it here, how well does The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero size up?

Same cop, new beat

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero is a brilliant JRPG. I absolutely adore it. From its charming pixelated graphics to its remarkably engaging story, this might be my favourite entry in the series yet. The game opens with young detective Llloyd Banning returning to his home of Crossbell. He joins an eccentric police force filled with equally eccentric characters as he fights crime on a daily basis.

The combat system is a brilliant one. If you’ve played any entry in this JRPG franchise though it is not particularly innovative. It is tough, challenging and involves you figuring out your opponent’s weaknesses as quickly as possible. You need to figure out these weaknesses to win out against the various enemies you face. This is especially important during higher difficulties. To ensure victory you will have to utilise the orbments your characters utilise. Combining the various elements in the game to create powerful crafts to bolster, heal and deal damage.

What makes The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero so compelling though is its story. Becoming Lloyd and joining the SSS is a genuinely engaging one. Helping out people through the various quests, in particular, the side quests helps give a sense of community that gave this game incredible character. This is due to the combination of interesting locales filled with strange and brilliantly written characters. There are no small characters in this game and it feels wonderful.

Add to that an energetic score and hours of compelling gameplay and The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero is one of the best if not the best RPGs of the year.

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