Let’s Talk About JWE2’s Late Cretaceous Pack
A fantastic expansion to an already great game, with more dinosaurs to make my nerdy heart happy.
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Friends, I have been let out of my cage to talk to you about dinosaurs. There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love doing this. Frontier are keeping the ball rolling hard with Jurassic World Evolution 2 with its latest DLC release; the Late Cretaceous Pack. Update 4 released alongside the DLC, so I’ll run over that too!!

Late Cretaceous Dinosaurs

I love it when new dinosaurs arrive in game. It gives me a chance to learn even more about a topic I’m already super invested in. I adore learning about new dinosaurs. And the Late Cretaceous Pack has given me the chance to learn about four new dinos! We’ve got really great variety this time too!

First up, we have Barbaridactylus. Please don’t ask me to try say that aloud. This majestic creature is a flying hunter, with a distinctive head crest. My friends, this guy is BEAUTIFUL.

We’ve also got a new herbivore in the form of Alamosaurus. Our glorious new friend has some amazing features of its own! Alamosaurus has stunning spines running along its back and tail. Fun fact time! Alamosaurus is one of the largest dinosaurs found to date.

Next up, we’ve got a magnificent carnivore; the Australovenator. I’ve got another fun fact for this baby, too! It’s the most complete predatory dinosaur discovered in Australia. This guy is lightweight and agile, with flexible arms and VERY sharp teeth!

We’re rounding this set off with Styxosaurus. This baby is simply sublime. You should all know by now that I am a total sucker for aquatic dinosaurs (although mosasaurus will always be my favourite). This legend is STREAMLINED! Speedy, with large fins, and can be bioluminescent, what more could a girl want?!

There’s no denying it, friends. Late Cretaceous Pack really hit it out of the park. These dinosaurs are a fantastic addition to Jurassic World Evolution 2.

Late Cretaceous Update

Update 4 released alongside this DLC, so let’s take a little look at that too! Before we do, I really need to give Frontier massive props. Every update truly adds to this wonderful game, especially all the quality of life work they do. This time round, we’ve got new decorations for amenities and attractions! Time to make all the parks even prettier! Cooler than that though, in my opinion, LAGOON DECORATIONS! My mosasaurus is living in STYLE!

There are also updates to animal behaviours. Some escaped flying reptiles will now attack and cause damage to Capture Team helicopters! Marine reptiles can also now attack the sides of their lagoon when uncomfortable, so make sure their needs are met to avoid this and potential injury!

Sandbox mode also got some updates too! Now, there are more sandbox options around dinosaur Traits when Gene Editing, including the ability to create negative Traits, the ability to have infinite Traits, and the ability to have infinite Trait points. On top of that, there are new Cohabitation settings for Normal, All Like, or No Dislike. This brings with it the ultimate level of freedom, and settings carry over between saves!

All in all, Jurassic World Evolution 2 keeps getting better and better, with Late Cretaceous Pack being a fantastic expansion to this growing world!

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