Novaquark, the French studio behind the hugely-ambitious PC MMORPG, released as-yet-unseen-footage of Dual Universe and some of its new gameplay features.

Hot on the heels of Dual Universe’s first Alpha launch last week, codenamed ‘First Contact’, Novaquark has released a breathtaking, in-depth video which explores the world and the features that the award-winning MMOPRG has on offer.

Narrated by Jean-Christophe Baillie, CEO of Novaquark and Baptiste Agati, Game Designer of Dual Universe, the video aims to cover in great detail the features that are available right now in Alpha.

Dual Universe Gameplay Footage Offers a glimpse of the Universe

“The launch of the Alpha last week was a huge milestone for us, and we’re thrilled with the initial response so far.” said JC Bailie, Novaquark CEO. “We’re still keeping much of the game under wraps as we work to refine and improve it. However, we didn’t just want to keep the game exclusively for our dedicated backer and alpha testers, so we’ve created this video to lift the lid on the game and give potential players an idea of the ambitious nature of Dual Universe.”

Watching this trailer blew my mind. Dual Universe looks outstanding. The building system is impressive and the world showcased in this particular trailer though rudimentary is quite charming. The cherry on this though is the ending of the gameplay footage. Watching that spacecraft rise above the atmosphere is astounding.

From the days of Star Wars Battlefront on the PlayStation 2 my friends and I would want the starships to transition seamlessly between the planet and space simply for the hell of it and in one video Dual Universe has done it and it’s gorgeous.

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