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Go nuts? Go home.
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Angry Birds has a lot to answer for. Though undeniably addictive and influential, it’s influence on cheap imitators has flooded various marketplaces with what can generously be described as shovelware. Let’s Go Nuts continues the legacy of such rubbish. A game of such low ambition that the act of playing it quickly becomes rote muscle memory.

The “Story”

Playing the role of a dead-eyed creepy squirrel you are assigned with the task of collecting acorns. The catch? Aliens have inexplicably flooded the world with acid. This thought-provoking plot is told through a series of hideous comic strips which  highlight the hideous art direction. The feature to buy clothing for the protagonist would be a godsend if you could hide his face yet alas! A hoodie will have to suffice. The gormless gremlin refuses to be censored.

The Nuts and Bolts

Jumping around the stages has an annoyingly weightless quality to it. This feels more like a game designed for the clumsy fingers of infants on a touchscreen than prompted by tactile button presses. Despite some minor variations between the four level themes the game has pretty much ran out of ideas by level one. The bizarre physics engine means that pushing certain items around is a matter of dumb luck. In addition, on later stages the enemy hit detection is shockingly poor. The handy instant continue option helps to alleviate frustration.

Let's Go Nuts

Despite these annoyances it is a strangely hypnotic experience. This is due in part to the incredibly irritating short music loop that each level shares. It’s like a fever dream you may have after falling asleep in the waiting room for the Church of Scientology. In other words, it’ll drive you nuts.

The four player co-op improves the game significantly in the cheapest way possible. With more players involved the game turns into an involuntarily hilarious experience. This is less of a win for this title than a reminder how enjoyable co-op is in general. Have you ever tried watching The Room by yourself? Miserable. With friends? Masterful.


This is where the game’s cheap and cheerful heritage really became evident. Despite many issues and irritations it became hard to stop playing. In between more intensive and elaborate titles this stands as an true oddity. Therefore Let’s Go Nuts is very shoddy yet mildly diverting and dumb experience. Not without weird charms but nut recommended.

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“Now you wanna get nuts? Come on! Let’s get nuts.” – Michael Keaton, 1989

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