Good Shepherd Entertainment have released a new video featurette for upcoming strategy action shooter John Wick Hex. John Wick stunt coordinator, Jonathan Eusebio, puts game director Mike Bithell through his paces in the video. The game, John Wick Hex, will see players take control of the titular bad ass, while tearing through an unending stream of bad guys.

John Wick Hex features fairly a novel strategy mechanic, which was developed by Bithell in accordance with Lionsgate Entertainments advice. Levels play out on a 3D map, with Wicks movements being subject to a “timeline”. Want to move forward to cover and fire two shots at that enemy? Might take 5 seconds off your clock. Run out of bullets and need to pick up another weapon? Could take two more seconds. While you move, the enemies move, in what externally looks like a beautiful, violent, choreographed dance. So basically John Wick then. The game has been described thus far as Superhot, meets XCOM, which is a heck of a marriage.


John Wick is a beloved character these days, with the movies racking up over $500 million at the box office. Needless to say, Bithell didn’t want to put out a bland shooter, and the initial model of a pure turn based strategy didn’t sit well with Lionsgate, the studio behind the movies. Bithell has been pulling out all stops it seems, in trying to do the character justice. This latest move is a doozy. He traveled to California, and put himself through a training session with Eusebios stunt team, in an effort to further understand how Wick, and his opponents should interact in the digital domain. While it’s unknown whether Keanu “Hollywood-Jesus” Reeves will voice act for the game, it has been confirmed that Ian McShane and Lance Reddick will appear. John Wick Hex is scheduled for release some time this year, and will be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

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