Bandai Namco Entertainment is bringing its A-Game to Gamescom 2019 which will be headlined by Supermassive Games The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. The first entry in the The Dark Pictures anthology is the spiritual successor to Until Dawn.

Supernatural scares

Supermassive Games is laying down the groundwork. The first in a series of games titled “The Dark Pictures”. Man of Medan is the first entry into this new drama horror IP. The main protagonist is Conrad, who is played by known actor Shawn Ashmore. Best known for his role in Quantum Break (love this game, even the OTT cutscenes) and as Iceman in X-Men 2 (Not the best superhero movie, but at least it isn’t Fantastic 4).

The game will let you experience the story of a group of people on vacation. They come across a ghost ship, captain (not sparrow) included. Similar to until dawn, your decisions will shape the story. I bet they have some weird death scenes up their virtual sleeve. Generally I do not play horror games. BUT this sounds goofy enough for me to man up when it is released on the 30th of August for PC, Xbox and PS4.

Kamehame-hope it’s good

Who hasn’t dreamed of reliving the story of Dragon Ball Z for the 1001st time? Well, it may night be a story of Arabian nights like Arabian days, more often than not, much hotter than hot, in a lot of good ways. Developer CyberConnect2 is facing the Broly sized task of retelling the story of Akira Toriyama and outdoing the anime feeling of Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

In this action adventure we will play as Goku. Live his life, while fighting our way up the ranks. We will prove we have the eye of the tiger (or alien weremonkey) and are the king of the fight, rising up to the challenge of our rival. I for one am looking very much forward to it, even if it is a swimming on 7s title, when the game releases on PC, X-Box and PS4 sometime in the not so distant future.

What else is Bandai Namco Entertainment bringing?

Although I already am wearing the one ring to rule a mans life, I wouldn’t mind to put on the Elden Ring. The next entry in the growing list of From Software titles that was influenced by George R. R. Martin. Does the R. R. stand for randy old r-rated? With Sekiro improving upon Bloodbornes fighting system, I cannot wait to see how they will outdo themselves. Maybe take inspiration of The Surge 2 and allow the player to target specific parts of the body?

Another souls-like title is Code Vein. From the recent footage and what I about the network test, this ANIME INSPIRED game will not live up to what its own ambition. Who are they trying to kid, this is anime game. Stop saying it is not or that you aren’t going for this look!

Also One Piece Pirate Warrior 4, One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, Rad and Disney Tsum Tsum Festival will be shown at Gamescom 2019. Overall Bandai Namco are bringing a huge line up, but if it is just quantity or quality will be decided at the end of August.

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