Daedalic Entertainment, the famed point and click adventure developer from Hamburg will be attending Gamescom 2019 and bring two titles down to Cologne. With the Deponia series and Edna & Harvey the team have re-invigorated that genre. Significantly, I have spent many hours play these games and cannot remember a dull second.

Point & click on the battlefield

A year of rain is a team-based real time strategy game. Although this is quite the departure from the above mentioned games, it may be an interesting one. You will choose one of three factions and lead them to victory. The rest, for now, sounds very familiar. Build a base, gather resources, build an army, choose a hero. The twist is that the game will be a the focus on 2V2 multiplayer. Similar to War Craft 3, this game seems to put heavy focus on hero units. Nevertheless, I am somewhat intrigued how this game will play and looking forward to getting my strategic German brain on it at Gamescom. The full version is planned to release in 2019.

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Adventuring, but strategically

Iron Danger, unlike other strategic RPGs, will have you take simultaneous turns to fight. Daedalic is aiming make every action matter and keep the grinding to a minimum. The main focus is very much the story and centered around the main hero and its two companions. The USP is that it you will be able to rewind at any point of the game. To me, that may be a bad idea, because it feels like it lessens the gravity of my decisions. I am interested in finding out more at Gamescom.

What else?

At this point in time, I am unaware of any other games being shown. That doesn’t mean I cannot dream of another Deponia though. Or maybe a brand new point & click to sink my teeth into.

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