Mediatonic has annouced that Fall Guys will be Free for All on June 21st. The date also marks the game’s debut on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, the Epic Games Store, and a next-gen version for PlayStation 5 with crossplay and cross-progression fully supported across all platforms thanks to Epic Online Services.

Back the Beans

The launch also introduces Fall Guys’ most jam-packed and blunderful season yet. With stacks of new challenges and rewards waiting for new and old players. Alongside significant updates to the game’s progression systems and a new in-game currency dubbed Show-Bucks.

Lovingly crafted as ever by the talented and passionate team at Mediatonic. Fall Guys is set to cement its place as the greatest game show on Earth with a huge amount of new content and updates. The action kicks off with Season 1: “Free For All”. A new season that sees our beloved beans arrive en masse at a giant arena to compete for ultimate glory in brand-new events and locations.

To thank the global community of Fall Guys players for their support of the game since it launched. Mediatonic are rewarding existing players with the Legacy Pack. This contains a bunch of spangly cosmetic items and the first Season Pass for free. The Season Pass is a new, supercharged version of the game’s free progression path. This can be purchased with the new in-game currency, Show-Bucks. The game’s free progression path will remain in place, along with the existing currency, Kudos.

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