Unrailed is a stunning co-op multiplayer game in which you and a group of friends work together to construct a train track across an interesting procedurally generated world. If you’ve played games like Mini Metro and Overcooked you’ll love the look of Unrailed as it’s a love child of the both. Developed by Indoor Astronaut and published by Deadalic Entertainment.

All Aboard For Mayhem

Unrailed seems like the type of game you can go in with a full plan and watch it totally derail. The Swiss developer Indoor Astronaut will be pulling into Steam Early Access today, September 9th. The core mechanics of the game seem fairly simple. To keep the train running you need to place tracks down. Need more tracks? Simple, mine the wood and iron from the blocks in the procedurally generated world ahead of you.

As you can see in the trailer the train seems to be running along at a snail’s pace, but I imagine that gets faster and faster. Putting you and your friends in a world of sweaty impulsive actions. Recalling the same organisation required for Overcooked. Delegating tasks and time-constrained pressure. The game’s description on Steam suggests you’ll need the full co-operation and co-ordination of all your friends as there’s only one of each tool.  Being a mining pickaxe and a woodcutting axe by the looks of it. I can imagine the chaos as we all scramble to assemble our resources.

Enjoying The View On the Procedural Express

In the world of Unrailed you steam across an 8-bit art styled world. The best part about a procedurally generated world is the fact that each level will be different. Giving you a different challenge every time. From the trailer at hand, it seems that as you progress through the world you get a chance to upgrade your train as you pull into the different stations.

The developers stated with the art design of the game they wished to achieve a sense of instant recognition as to what game your playing and where you are. They say this will be especially important in the endless mode. In endless mode you’ll get to a station as you progress and get to upgrade your train using the in-game currency, screws.

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The First Station

Unrailed is Indoor Astronaut’s first game and they are looking for feedback, we’re hoping to do a first impression piece on the game soon. Looking at the developer interviews we can see they are looking to add more biomes. Currently, there is four and they’re working on a fifth. Possibly adding in challenge maps with specific layouts rather than a totally random layout. As well as a level editor for players themselves to create levels.

Certainly, an ambitious list of objectives for the developers to work through. I myself am looking forward to the co-op game play. And once we all have a good grasp of the mechanics it’ll be fun to try the competitive play.

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