Against the Moon is the newest game of indie developer Black Tower. It is inspired by classic round based RPGs and roguelikes, blended wit modern game design. This makes the game feel familiar and ads nostalgia for the seasoned gamer.

Humanity has lost the future. Strange beasts have overrun Earth, and the last of human civilization huddle within an ancient stronghold. We’re safe for now, but the old-tech is crumbling. Fuel is drying up. Monsters and storms beat against the walls. Somehow the Moon is behind it all. In a desperate act, we devoted the last of our resources to create the Ultori: Superhumans strong enough to brave the beyond. Now go, with the blessings of Arx. You’re our last hope.

The fight for humanity is real

Against the Moon offers a new approach to deck building, enemy generation, and power consumption mechanics. Along with the wildcard element of an ever-present celestial tyrant. You will continuously change, polish, and adapt your strategy each step of the way. The world beyond Arx is full of unpredictable scenarios. Every decision you make will alter your run permanently. Choose from 100s of different items to weave into your strategy as you take on this hardcore wasteland.

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Each battle is a novel experience thanks to the great illustrations and animated characters. Against the Moon is inviting you to fully immerse yourself in a unique and exotic post-apocalyptic landscape. Intuitive game mechanics still make it simple for casual gamers to pick up. For those who desire even deeper tests of skill, it offers a set of special challenges. Flex your brain and unlock exclusive content.

Enter a world that has eclipsed humankind in Against the Moon. Explore the mysteries of the god-like Ancients and discover the root of their downfall. Uncover the origins of the strange Furos beasts, and take on the real tyrant behind the earth’s invasion. Rebuild Arx to full strength, and restore glory and hope to humanity once more.

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