In CryoFall, by developer AtomicTorch Studio and publisher Daedelic Entertainment, you will join other survivors to rebuild your civilization from scratch. The player starts with primitive technology and simple tools. You will use them to progress towards modern industrial might and beyond. Eventually reaching space-age technology only seen in science fiction.

CryoFall can be played either as a relaxed PvE experience with no competition. Or as a brutal and unforgiving PvP game. There are various servers with different game modes available. You can also host your own and invite your friends to join you!


You will start with a small house and expand it as you progress through the technological stages. First into a large base, then invite other players and create an entire city full of infrastructure, industrial machines, agricultural sectors, shops, and more.


On your explorations, you will find rare seeds and create plantations of different crops. The player will use them to cook a variety of foods. Each providing different effects to your character. And if it isn’t your thing – build large factories instead to produce a variety of items. Refine petroleum to use as fuel for your vehicles, create weapons, defence equipment, and more.


In CryoFall, ycan issue currency and establish trade around the map using automated vending machines. You can configure to sell or buy anything, even when you are not around. Previously a thriving colony, now a desolate land full of dangers. What happened to this planet? Explore the far reaches of this world and find abandoned laboratories and factories left from the previous colonists. You will cross deserts and tundras, tropical areas and swamps, oceans and volcanoes.

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You can build an electric grid for your base to enable complex industrial processes, defence installations, and other conventional technologies. Electricity starts with generators: steam, bioreactor, engine generator, solar, etc. Then you can store this energy in large capacitors and send it to many of your consumers from a simple induction furnace to a large psi-field projector to defend your base from intruders.


You can try the complete version of CryoFall for free for 8 hours by downloading the demo here. We are proud to offer you CryoFall to try completely free of charge because we are confident you will like it! Upgrade to full version any time if you enjoy the demo.

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