Aeon Drive is an action platformer, by developer 2Awesome Studio, set in a Cyberpunk Barcelona. The player controls Jackelyne, a stranded space pilot. She is on a quest to retrieve faulty pieces of dimension-bending machinery in order to preserve the space-time fabric of the universe. From the footage I have seen, it looks like the next big thing for speedrunners.

In Aeon Drive, you will teleport your way through time itself! Instead of using the usual live/die/repeat loop of most video games, Aeon Drive features a unique time-warping system. This saves players the frustration of unwanted repetition and keeps the challenge fresh and engaging. Does the level feel too difficult? Is a challenge driving you mad?

That is not a problem. Just recharge your timer before you run out. Then get those few extra seconds you so desperately need to beat the level. Or your personal best. Run out of time-warping capsules and you will be left to your own devices. Obstacles, enemies and traps are your worst enemy, as time relentlessly is always slipping away…

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Teleport through lasers, spikes, saws and many other dangerous traps. Crouch-dash at the last moment to evade that incoming shot and make it to the end of the level by the skin of your teeth. Run through more than 80 levels across several areas of the beautiful city of Barcelona. But beware, everyone is out to get you.

Jump across the rooftops of Las Ramblas, keep dashing along awesome vistas such as the Torre Glòries, fight for your life in Park Güell. Don’t think just because you reach the beach you can take a breather and enjoy the sun! You can sign up to the Alpha here and get hyped for when Aeon Drive releases on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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