Vertigo Games, the creators of the hit VR shooter Arizona Sunshine, presented After the Fall at Gamescom 2020. This game is an epic multiplayer VR action First-person shooter. It features seamless, co-operative gameplay at its core. After the Fall pits up to four players against a vast, hostile VR world in a raging fight for survival.

After the Fall is set in the ice-covered ruins of LA, nearly 20 years after the apocalypse. The game lets players experience a living, breathing VR world shared with other players from all over the world. A cinematic and atmospheric campaign mixed with action-packed solo and multiplayer gameplay awaits. And an endgame built from the ground up for those, who want to continue their survival.

VR Survivors

2005, Los Angeles. A generation has passed since a mysterious outbreak. The cause? The excessive use of designer drugs, which birthed the terrible Snowbreed. Infesting cities and causing the collapse of civilization. However, you are one of the survivors. Seemingly immune to the side-effects of the substances and humanity’s last hope of resurgence.

Explore the remains of a civilization ground to a halt in an alternate 1980s. Craft deadly weapons and wield devastating powers with real-life movements as you develop your combat style. In addition, join forces with players around the world as you go head to head with relentless hordes and larger-than-life bosses in a bid to take back the city.

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In After the Fall, you will be able to craft your own loadout. Craft, upgrade and mod your gear. From armour and a huge array of guns to melee weapons and combat devices. This post-apocalyptical world can be made your oyster. After completing the story campaign, players can venture out into a living world. The endgame is full of events, missions, and blood-pumping encounters. You can sign up for the beta of After the Fall at Add After the Fall to your wishlist and get ready for when the game releases on Playstation VR and Occulus.

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