Geek Store hasn’t held back as this vast new range of merchandise shows, there is something here for all Call of Duty: Warzone fans.

Light your way through the Gulag (or your living room)

Here’s an item fans will be particularly excited about! If your room is starting to resemble the Gulag from all those late-night sessions, light your way back to the sofa with the awesome 3D moulded lamp featuring the iconic Gulag graphic. Make use of the stand or mount to your wall – you may not get to decide when you enter the Gulag, but we’ll let you put this where you like.

RRP £24.99/$24.99/€26,99

Represent with Pin Kings

Make a statement with these premium metal and enamel pins. There are three sets of highly collectible pins, each set is numbered with more to come, so don’t miss out on the first edition!

Set 1: Warzone

Set 2: Verdansk

Set 3: Gulag

RRP £7.99/$7.99/€8,99 each

Gaming Gear

You can’t be on top of your game if all your gear is a mess! Keep your gaming collection and gear stored away neatly with this Gaming Locker. Holding up to 10 PS4 or Xbox games and movies, you can also fit earphones on the top and 4 controllers will hang on the side. The bottom draw can store cables and remotes and the Call of Duty: Warzone branded doors on the front, hide everything away.

RRP £24.99/$24.99/€26,99

Eliminate opponents in style

Protect your sight as you traverse across Verdansk with these premium quality eSports gaming glasses. Engineered for gamers, these aviator glasses help reduce eye strain by reducing UV glare and blue light with their yellow lenses, as well as increasing contrast perception and sharpening on-screen details. Perfect for hardcore gamers!

RRP £19.99/$19.99/€21,99

Treat yo’ self

Here’s a little treat for fans. What better way to revel in the glory of a victory than to put your feet up and have a nice brew? Whether you’re treating yourself, or your second in command, this sock and mug combo makes a great gift.

RRP £14.99/$14.99/€15,99

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The full Call of Duty: Warzone range is available at Geek Store in September, available to pre-order now.

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