Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure grows larger with the release of its first post-launch content update, Through the Veil, which arrives on November 7th. Free for all players who purchase or have already purchased the expansion, Through the Veil will bring a new map, new activities, and new encounters as players venture into Nayos, the Realm of Dreams to bring the fight to the demonic Kryptis and further the story of their invasion of Tyria.

Among the new offerings in this update, players will gain access to the Inner Nayos map, a new explorable space in the realm of the Kryptis. Nayos will provide a new mastery track that will tie directly to a new encounter type: Convergences. These large-scale rifts in a unique arena will expand upon the rift hunting activities introduced in Secrets of the Obscure and offer groups of up to 50 players the chance to take on the biggest and most ferocious threats in the Kryptis ranks.

Open the Vault for even more rewards

The seasonal Wizard’s Vault will also get a refresh, providing access to new earnable rewards like three unique armor pieces, a new infusion, and more. And the rewards from the inaugural season aren’t going away: this release will add a Legacy Rewards tab, where all the exclusive cosmetic rewards from previous seasons will remain available.

New obtainable relics provide even more character build possibilities, and a more difficult challenge mode for the Cosmic Observatory strike mission are also being added to the game.

The expansion will continue to release additional content at no additional charge to expansion players into 2024. On November 28th, players will get their first chance to try out a new weapon on their favourite profession. In advance of the next major expansion update, players will have a chance to demo the upcoming expanded weapon proficiencies feature and provide feedback. This special beta event will run from November 28th until December 3rd.

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