Big Rook Games has announced that its premier title, Hero Syndrome, began its crowdfunding journey. The game is a dynamic mix of shooting and building mechanics which makes it uniquely tactical experience.

For players with a competitive edge, it packs fine-tuned arena-style multiplayer with emphasis on strategy and skill over the luck and RNG, while those in love with challenging puzzles and a good story can find themselves immersed in a singleplayer campaign written by the writer behind Star Wars 1313, The Walking Dead and Dying Light.

  • Single-Player Singularity – An intense solo campaign with a hard sci-fi story penned by Evan Skolnick (Star Wars 1313, Days Gone, Mafia 3), voiced by a professional cast of actors.
  • Build Smart, Build Fast – No more boxing yourself in. Build quickly, aggressively, and edit your fortifications in real-time using an intuitive and fast interface. Hero Syndrome is construction combat evolved.
  • Built For Balance – Hero Syndrome has been designed from the ground up for esports and competitive gaming. This is the construction shooter we want to play.
  • Intense & Balanced Competition – Cutting-edge construction meets classic team deathmatch. No random loot, unpredictable spawns or farming for resources, just two teams putting their skill and knowledge of the map to the test.
  • Rocket Jumping – Still the best way to get around since 1996. Master the rocket launcher and use it to blast yourself to new heights.
  • Bots That Can Build – We taught bots how to build. Probably dangerous, but a great way to practice your combat construction skills before taking the fight online.

If this article has interested and you want to learn more well there is an obvious solution. Follow this link to the Kickstarter page of Hero Syndrome 🙂

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