Big news regarding Kenshi has reached us! Lo-Fi Games, the Bristol-based developed have announced the game has hit one million global sales! Before we get into a little chitchat, a huge congratulations to Lo-Fi for achieving this incredible accomplishment!

We would not have achieved this without the passionate community of players who supported us from an early stage and have come back to play Kenshi time and time again”, says Lo-Fi Games’ CEO and Head Developer Chris Hunt, “Kenshi’s great for making your own stories and modding, which offers different experience of gameplay each time. We want to thank all fans who have shared their creations and have supported the game throughout the years.”

All proceeds from sales are now going back into the development of the highly anticipated sequel, Kenshi 2. Kenshi 2 is currently under development in Lo-Fi by a team of 15 people using Unreal Engine.

Let’s have a quick rundown of Kenshi, as a little refresher for us. Kenshi is a free-roaming, single-player, squad-based RPG with a focus on open-ended sandbox features. The game boasts a massive open-world map filled with lore and non-linear story so as not to limit players. Be who you want to be, craft supplies, train up and build your base. You don’t start out as the chosen one, but you could very well grow to be.

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