Players can finally get their hands on ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs. ZOR is a high-stakes strategy gauntlet for serious fans of turn-based tactics, roguelikes, and tabletop-inspired survival. Recently featured in Yogscast’s Tiny Teams festival, ZOR is available now in Early Access for $15.99 with a 10% launch discount.

ZOR tasks players with protecting the Slorfs, small but mighty creatures that embark on a mysterious mission to the star god Zor. Start out in the Slorfs’ hunting ground, The Rugged Steppes: grassy plains infested with various bugs and lumbering one-eyed creatures called Grimps.

Consider each turn carefully, as players have to strike a careful balance between combat and survival. Use cards to move, attack, and harvest. Mapping out effective routes through ZOR’s hex-based board is key to maximizing tactical takedowns and resource gains. Each Slorf has a finite number of lives: one death too many and the journey is over for good.

ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs looks to challenge players with its surprisingly intense gameplay. Don’t be fooled by its precious art style. It looks to take no prisoners.

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