The long-awaited multiplayer mode for DRIFT21 will be available as of December 17th in Steam’s early access update! You’ve put in the hours, fine-tuning your drifting skills on some of the most challenging drifting circuits available. Now, you can take on the world in six-player multiplayer racing.

Hosts of multiplayer events in Drift21 will have full control over the session and have access to several commands which allow, among other things, to:

  • Voting or forcing a map change
  • Voting or forcing the removal of a player
  • Displaying and pinning messages
  • Resetting player’s position
  • Turning collision on or off
  • Hiding messages from individual/all players

DRIFT21 just keeps on drifting

This release is only the beginning of bigger things to come. Currently, developers ECC Games S.A are working on optimising the performance of the multiplayer mode as well as implementing a proper spectator mode. Down the line, players can expect event types to be added and the chance for players to use their own garage-tuned cars.

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