Glitchers, the UK based, independent developer of the BAFTA-nominated Sea Hero Quest VR, has announced its next game, delivery battler Drive-Buy was the first title off the start line in the recent Sports and Racing trailer for the Steam Games Festival!

No surprise there really when Drive-Buy delivers fast, frantic vehicle combat against friends or online – without the need to be on the same platform thanks to designed from the ground up, cross-platform play for gamers on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC?

Inspired by arcade greats and party games of the past, Drive-Buy has been developed to appeal to all gamers looking for a revival of the vehicle combat genre; a fresh twist on a much loved gaming category.

Drive-Buy has been inspired by legendary games like Twisted Metal, Rocket League, Vigilante 8 and Mario Kart. But don’t take our word for it – try the PC demo today!

Accessible, fast game entry and quick play sessions – your experience and the rivalries you create are the core of the game!

Drive-Buy is a short-session multiplayer vehicle combat game with a delivery twist! Drivers must hustle the most deliveries and shakedown rival drivers with over the top power-ups. The game offers an intoxicating mix of high-speed combat and rivalries with larger than life characters and mind-bending power-up combos!

“At its heart, Drive-Buy is a vehicle-based party game with intuitive, pick up & play controls, we wanted to create an experience which avoids the frustration of track-based racing games – hence a street-based delivery battler was created!” added Hugo Scott-Slade, co-founder “We want everyone to be in with a chance of winning – so even the player in last position can turn it around and steal a last minute victory. Or they can flood the leader’s screen with emotes and emojis to get revenge”

Drive-Buy Features:

• 4 Player, head-to-head Online Battles
• Seamless AI Play designed to auto-fill the roster during play
• 3 game modes –
Delivery Battle – Hustle the most deliveries and shakedown rival drivers with powerups found around the map. Strategic, unpredictable & full of surprises.
PayDay – Hold onto the most coins on the map whilst dodging power-ups left, right & centre
Piggy Bank – Tag… with a Pig! Hold the pig to earn coins, other players hunt you down keeping the action really focused and players tight.
• Choose from 6 diverse characters with more added in each season update.
• Vehicles have unique handling and stats so make sure you pick the best for each mode.
• Find and unlock an array of Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and even Special Giftable Cosmetic Items for every character

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