PM Studios and acttil have announced their joint partnership with Limited Run Games and Secret Base to bring physical versions of the 4-Player Horror/Comedy Permadeath Beat ‘Em Up style Streets of Red: Devil’s Dare Deluxe to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4!

In celebration of their physical release, PM Studios and acttil have also prepared a stunning Collector’s Edition packages for each console, which include a Special Edition Cover Art, a Retro Booklet, A2 Size Poster, Retro Replica Cart and an Original Soundtrack CD with Sleeve, all packed in a Collector’s Retro Box!

Preorders for Streets of Red: Devil’s Dare Deluxe on both Standard and Collector’s Editions will begin today exclusively through Limited Run Games.

Why the streets are red in Streets of Red: Devil’s Dare Deluxe

In Streets of Red – Devil’s Dare Deluxe, the only thing scarier than being eaten alive is running out of quarters! A permadeath multiplayer horror beat’em up that bestows players with the skills of retro gaming heroes in a fight against a legion of undead monstrosities.

Streets of Red was designed to be played over and over again, with each run offering up the potential for new content. Six unique playable characters and an ever-growing level selection work to keep the gameplay from getting old and rotten, while the easy to learn but hard to master combat system allows for plenty of depth.

With every kill, you earn cash that can be spent on upgrades or to revive yourself when you die. You better learn how to make cash fast and spend it smart in Streets of Red because when you’re dead, your save data dies with you. The chills, thrills, bills, and opportunity to learn new skills here won’t stop until every street runs red with blood! Are you up for the challenge of an anti-lifetime?

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Collector’s Edition for both PS4 & Nintendo Switch

The Stunning Collector’s Edition includes:
– Special Edition Cover Art
– Retro Box
– Retro Booklet
– Retro Replica Cart
– A2 Size Poster
– Original Soundtrack CD with Sleeve

Key Features of Streets of Red – Devil’s Dare Deluxe

– Simple 2D Beat ’em up style controls make for easy to learn but hard to master action!
– Four Unique and two unlockable characters, each with their unique play style and upgrades!
– The dynamically evolving difficulty adjusts to the number of players in-game (up to 4)!
– Parodies of characters from Stranger Things, Rick and Morty and Attack on Titan and many more!
– Use in-game money for upgrades or continues. Run out of quarters and your save game is dead forever!
– A huge amount of enemies and over thirteen bosses, some so big that they barely fit on screen!

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