Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. has announced that pre-registration is now open for Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers. This is a new mobile game that allows players to experience stunning stories set in the iconic Saint Seiya universe through turn-based command battles.

Players can begin preparing to embark on their celestial journey by pre-registering now at the following links for iOS users here or Android users here.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of SAINT SEIYA SHINING SOLDIERS, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment will be rewarding players with gifts based on the total number of pre-registered users; if 300,000 or more pre-registrations are collected worldwide, players will receive a gift of Galaxy Stones equivalent to one 10x summon, along with equipment buff materials and the Gold Saint Aiolos!

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Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers brings the dazzling Cloths to life in Cosmo-charged combat, granting players the ability to utilize their favourite characters from across the Saint Seiya pantheon in both online PVP Friend Battles, and against rivals from around the globe in PVP Ranking Battles. With Warrior models and animations rendered in astoundingly high-quality detail, and a multitude of Seventh Sense Arts ready to be unleashed, the battles in Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers promise to be the series’ most powerful to date.

Saint Seiya has many passionate fans worldwide, and our staff are committed to satisfying those fans through their own love of the series; we’ve also made this battle system easy to use for those who are new to Saint Seiya,” said Wataru Sato, producer for Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers. “We hope you try installing this game, strengthening your favourite characters, and creating your dream team!”

Furthermore, players will be able to relive iconic chapters of Saint Seiya lore via the game’s Cosmo Chronicles Mode, including the 12 Gold Palaces, N. Europe Asgard, Sea God Poseidon and Dark Lord Hades.

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