Markus Oljemark, an independent developer from Sweden, has announced that the beautiful fruit of his 5-year long labour, The Girl of Glass, is coming out on Steam this September!

Alongside that announcement, he’s compiled a gameplay video with his commentary to showcase the core elements of the game:

The Girl of Glass: A Summer Bird’s Tale was initially announced back in 2016 as a part of the Square Enix Collective program, where it gained a 91% positive recommendation from players around the world.

It’s an emotional summer tale that combines a colourful point and click adventure with strategic turn-based combat to tell the story of Kristal, The Girl of Glass. Her name isn’t a coincidence, she’s a fragile girl who’s been granted asylum by the owner of the circus, where she lived and worked for years. Now she’s grown up and looking for the true meaning of her life. To do that, she decides to leave the circus… but it won’t be as easy as it sounds…

Features of The Girl of Glass: A Summer Bird’s Tale

  • Utilize your tactical skills to the fullest in combat which puts an emphasis on strategy over stats
  • Find new friends or turn them into foes in the visual novel inspired style, where branched dialogues personalize your experience
  • Visit a fictional mid-20th-century European country, presented with traditional 2D painted and animated environments projected onto 3D surfaces to add depth to the scenes
  • Listen to a full orchestral soundtrack for total immersion in the story

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