Resident Evil 2 remake

In case you weren’t aware, the greatest game of all time, Resi 2, is getting a remake. Ahead of the release of that glorious remake, Capcom has announced a limited time demo. Titled the “1-shot demo”, this 30-minute preview of the Resident Evil 2 remake will drop this Friday. The demo will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam PC from the 11th-31st of January.

One Shot

The Resident Evil 2 remake is one of 2019s most hotly anticipated games. Series fans are already salivating ahead of its January 25th release. This “1-shot demo” will, no doubt, pique yet more interest. So long as it’s good, of course. The demo sees you take control of Leon S. Kennedy as he initially encounters the horrors of Racoon City. Players will have 30 minutes to achieve a set objective, all within the confines of the Racoon City Police Department. If you fail or succumb to flesh-eating zombies, you may try again. Finishing the demo will unlock a previously unseen cinematic trailer for the Resident Evil 2 remake.


Resi fans will all agree that number 2 is the most fondly remembered of the series. It was the pinnacle of survival horror games of the nineties. The Resident Evil 2 remake is not so much as a fresh coat of paint, as a vibrant re-imagining. The full game will feature two separate campaigns with both Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy being playable. That’s a holdover from the original, sure, but will they offer the same replay-able separate campaigns? Whereby playing through Scenario A with both characters offered up Scenario B with either main character. So up to 4 playthroughs were possible in total, not including Tofu of course. Damn that Tofu.

Resident Evil 2 remake offers up a plethora of fancy modern doo-dads. An over-the-shoulder camera, modernized controls, a (presumably) less clunky inventory system, and (hopefully) less cack voice acting. Pre-orders are open now for the full game, ahead of its January 25th release. But don’t forget to give the demo a go. One shot, at least. (See what I did there) Say tuned to GamEir for our review of Resident Evil 2, and a demo review, coming soon!

Note – GGOAT = Greatest Game Of All Time 😉

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