ROCCAT, Turtle Beach’s German-based brand has announced the newest additions to its keyboard lineup. The Magma and Pyro are now available at participating stores. Also available online at Fully kitted out in the latest innovative AIMO RGB lighting technology the Magma lights up like the moon on a dark night.

With a relatively decent price, this makes it the best choice for new gamers. Similarly, anyone looking to add a unique RGB experience to their desktop. Additionally, if you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard you will not be disappointed with the Pyro Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard. This makes it one of the most feature-packed mechanical keyboards I’ve seen on the market. 

ROCCAT Magma Membrane Keyboard

ROCCAT’s Magma Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard is designed with a semi-transparent top plate and five-zone, 10 LED backlighting. This is ROCCAT’s best AIMO lighting showcase to date. Boasting a whopping 16.8 million RGB colour illumination options.

Does anybody even need that many options? Either way, gamers will be able to enjoy a vivid and immersive lighting experience. Additionally, if you own a Kone Pro series mice and Elo series headsets, they all link together. 

ROCCAT Pyro Mechanical Keyboard

ROCCAT’s Pyro Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard is a massively feature-packed keyboard for under €100. This new design is reinforced by a premium brushed metal top plate. Offering players a truly sleek, robust, and stylish mechanical keyboard. Pyro uses TTC’s linear (red) switches with a 2.0mm actuation point, 45g operating force, and a total travel distance of 4.0mm for a keystroke that feels both precise and strong.

ROCCAT's Magma Keyboard

The Pyro’s switches are also tested to 50 million keystrokes lifetime. This allows for a responsive and durable gaming experience. In conclusion, there’s a good deal here for you here. No matter what kind of keyboard you’re looking for.

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