Monobot: Pretty on the outside, Shallow on the Gameplay
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Disrupted from my stasis pod, I awake in Monobot. Coming online in a rusted, decaying and hostile world. Playing as mono I journey through this desolate world, overcoming the puzzles and obstacles. Uncover the secrets and find out what happened to humanity. Developed by DreamSmith Studio and published by Ukuza. Monobot is due to release on June 18th. 

At the beginning of my journey through Monobot I am poorly equipped. As I explore, I slowly start to uncover upgrades like a teleportation arm or a magnetic arm. With the teleportation arm swapping places comes as easy as a button click. Swapping with interactive objects, use this to avoid enemies or climb higher. Likewise, the magnetic arm allows you to zip across the screen to magnetised surfaces. Be careful using this as time is limited when hanging. Dodging and sneaking past the hordes of enemies will be the key to success. Once spotted it’s over, so don’t even try to fight. 

Medicore Monobit Puzzles

Using all the tools Monobot has to offer, solving the traversal puzzles was a breeze. For the large majority of the game, no real challenge was presented other than patience. I had to spend time waiting for enemies to move on before I could make my move. As a result, I felt that this was used too heavily by the game and rarely challenging to actually solve a puzzle. 

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What Monobot lacks in challenge it makes up for in the art design department. Generally, from an initial look at the game, you can tell what section of the game you are in due to the unique and specific level designs. The atmosphere built in the game is similar to Limbo and Inside. So, if you’re a fan of those games then this might be a hit for you. Its concise art style helps to create a lonely atmosphere and drop you into a bold and dark world. 

Ukaza and DreamSmith Studio have stated that the inspiration for Monobot was games like Limbo, Inside and Oddworld. With a hint of Wall-E thrown in there too. Playing through Monobot you’ll receive a decent story but little challenge. Overall, platformers will like this game but not the best title for the genre for any newcomers. Due to release on June 18th on Steam.

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