The wonderous world of Symbaroum invites new explorers into the dark forest. Free League Publishing today revealed the Ruins of Symbaroum RPG. The 5E adaptation of the acclaimed dark fantasy RPG will be released on June 7.

Enter the weird

The forest of Davokar calls out to be explored. Covering the remnants of an empire which fell into ruin long ago. Explore the vast forests in the hunt for treasures, lost wisdom, and fame. Visit the barbarian clans to trade or plunder. Establish your base of power among princes, guilds, or rebellious refugees in the capital. Survive encounters with trolls, dark-minded beasts, and undead warlords.

Ruins of Symbaroum 5E are now available for pre-order. The game line includes three full-color hardback books – the Player’s Guide, the Gamemaster’s Guide, and the Bestiary – and a Gamemaster’s screen. Bundled with a 26-page adventure booklet. For those who prefer to play online, a bundle of prints, PDFs, and Foundry VTT modules are also available. The pre-order gives instant access to PDFs, ahead of the physical release.

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The 5E adaptation includes:

  • New Rules: To emphasize the dark fantasy nature of the setting, new rules for travelling and rests, social challenges, magic, and corruption are introduced.
  • Brand new Origins: Aside from familiar folks such as humans, elves, and dwarves, the Symbaroum game world lets you create PCs and NPCs who are changelings, ogres, goblins, trolls, and even a specific form of undead.
  • New Classes: The Ruins of Symbaroum Player’s Guide presents the classes Captain, Hunter, Mystic, Scoundrel, and Warrior. Each with between four and seven approaches/sub-classes, and all of them with customized features up to lvl20.

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