Merge Games and developer Affordable Acquisition have revealed that the upcoming inter-dimensional twin-stick shooter, Slaycation Paradise, will be available in a physical retail version. The select consoles include PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Time for a special kind of vacation

Time for a getaway? Our expert team of travel agents nestled deep in the heart of the galaxy are ready and waiting to warp you away to the alternate Earth action scenario of a lifetime. Explore beautiful and chaotic holiday destinations with an all-inclusive arsenal of bizarre and brutal weapons for that fully loaded firepower feeling! Kick back and slay all your worries away with Slaycation Paradise.

  • Twinstick shooting & Tower Defense! – Taking the best of each genre to create an engaging and addictive gameplay loop. Take on hordes of bloodthirsty enemies who are waiting to welcome you to the party!
  • Apocalypse a-plenty! – Discover alternate Earths! Each one going through crazy End-of-Days type scenarios. Strangely these are perfectly designed for the best in family vacation entertainment.
  • Weird & Wonderful Weapons! – Enjoy an apocalypse-proof weapon selection. From the classic pump shotgun and flamethrower to the weird and wonderful cat-launcher, magic wands and many more. If you can imagine it there’s a chance you can wield it.

I love the fact that a lot of fun, quirky games are getting physical editions. I know many people worry that digital will completely take over the medium but I think we’re still safe for the time being. It also feels like these indie titles capitalise on

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