Ubisoft has announced the fourth crisis event for Rainbow Six Extraction, After Effect. Which is now available until the 17th of November. A thrilling culmination to the past three Crisis Events, this limited-time event continues to add more post-launch content for players to enjoy, including a new Enemy. The new Crisis Event brings new REACT tech, and new cosmetic rewards, and ultimately challenges Operators to uncover mysteries while surviving the new deadly Amber Sprawl that has taken over the containment zones.

What is ‘After Effect’?

In After Effect, Operators must search for the invaluable Parasite Nucleus, carry it, and wield its power; or escort and protect the carrier against incoming threats – including the Amber Sprawl. The Nucleus’ Death Marker is a powerful ability that the carrier can use against enemies and Parasite structures. It will allow their squad mates to instantly obliterate marked enemies through any damage source that hits them afterwards, so players must wield this powerful ability strategically.

The Operator carrying the Nucleus will start experiencing blinding exposure, which will impair their vision. The exposure levels increase over time until the carrier drops the Nucleus or reaches 100% exposure level. Their speed and mobility are greatly reduced while holding the Nucleus and they are unable to fend off threats unless they use the new REACT tech, Repulsion Harness, which is the only tool available to them as a carrier. Enemies will primarily target the Nucleus carrier, so squad members must work together to protect them. Players can take turns carrying the Nucleus and work together to secure the route out of the containment zones.

With After Effect, players can discover exciting new content:  

·         New Protean Finka enemy 

·         New REACT Tech: Repulsion Harness 

·         New Universal Headgear, Uniform, Charm, Weapon Skin 

·         Five Crisis Studies 

·         Five Themed Charms for players to keep 

·         Extra XP towards Milestone Progression

Players can jump into Rainbow Six Extraction with their squad via Game Pass on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Windows PC, as well as on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Amazon Luna, Ubisoft+, the Ubisoft Store, and the Epic Games Store. 

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