SelectaPlay has announced a new global digital and physical publishing deal for Hungry Pixel’s dark-humoured 2D action-adventure narrative game NetherWorld. Coming to PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eStore and physical boxed edition will take you on a crazy adventure full of sex, drugs and . . . worms?!

Since smashing its Kickstarter funding target, developer Hungry Pixel has been busy creating a unique narrative adventure experience with NetherWorld. Follow the story of the crestfallen protagonist Medoo, the weird jellyfish, after being abandoned by his wife. While drowning his sorrows at the bottom of a vodka bottle, Medoo finds himself lost in a surreal and twisted land and must journey through a dark and decadent land full of filthy creatures and quirky fellow travellers.

NetherWorld features: 

  • A twisted story – Journey through a disturbed land where cokehead mages, entrepreneur prostitutes, mobsters, sociopath kids, old perverts and many more quirky characters look to fix the pieces of your broken life, or at least to try to. (spoiler – most of them will make things worse!) 
  • Crazy minigames – Earn money and other useful items by participating in drinking competitions, dabbling in amorous encounters (!), shooting stuff, or controlling a bionic tick called Joe through filthy underground rogue-like dungeons. Complete quests during the story and be rewarded with special hats, masks, weapons, and other mission items. 
  • Bonkers boss fights – Time to kick some twisted asses! Survive savage boss encounters during your crazy adventure by using all kinds of guns, weapons and environmental objects… or brave it totally unarmed!

A special physical boxed edition will also be available for Nintendo Switch. Fans can add NetherWorld to their Wishlist now 

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